Aqua Project s.r.l respects the personal information of customers and users of the site.

The privacy policy below provide details regarding the usage of our website as well as explain how we treat personal data.

Disclaimer and Liability
Access to knowledge, material or publication contents is free and the authors are not responsible for any damage suffered as a result of their use.
Our company reserves the right to send e-mails to the users and customers address indicated in the records of users e-mail user.
Our company reserves the right to block users of the site for any reason.

Collection of Data and Data Usage
Our company's web site has a database of information about its users and additional monitoring systems.
Inserting data in our site is voluntary, but our society requires current information (e.g. e-mail address).
Each user has the ability to access, correct and remove personal information from our database.

Please note that in order to improve the quality of services and marketing initiatives on our website, we have implemented Google Analytics advertising features including interest-based ads; Our site also uses its own cookies (like Google Analytics), its other identifiers, cookies of third parties (such as DoubleClick), and other third-party identifiers. follow demographic and interest users;
Data collection is carried out through the use of cookies.

Our employees have access to customer data, allowing them to contact customers by phone, e-mail or other media.

The scope of supply of information about the user
Our company does not share the personal information and e-mail addresses of its users to any business entity or corporation for the purpose of profit or for further processing. The data are adequately protected and available only to a specific group of employees.

Cookies and IP
For technical reasons and improving the efficiency of use of our service, we use cookies stored on your computer to collect information about the IP address. Not making them accessible, or deleting them might lead to difficulties in using our service, for which our company is not responsible.

Third-party software
Our site uses a third-party software that can place cookies on users ' devices.


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