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Aqua Project s.r.l. was founded on the unions of ideas, the commitment and the collaboration of a group of elite Tuscan scientists and the company's representatives. After performing rigorous modern Aesthetic Stability testing by a certified professional lab, unique and exclusive formulas were developed, which made it possible to create the cosmetic line AQUA π COSMETICS.

Our added value is the special composition of the water used in producing the cosmetics, as it is subjected to a particular laboratory treatment to be purer and more precious. The difference respect to other waters is the capacity of delivering the active ingredients directly to the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The high-performance active ingredients use in our cosmetics work intensely to provide excellent results faster.

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AQUA π COSMETICS special formula combine with carefully selected active ingredients creates a highly effective skin care treatment for the face, neck and eye area, as well as efficiently shape and tone the body. The effectiveness of AQUA π COSMETICS products were clinically-confirmed by a series of instrumental tests performed in a prestigious lab specialized in cosmetics testing. The extraordinary effects of the products were also confirmed by the volunteer panels that tested them.

All products have been dermatologically tested on a group of women to ensure that our customers receive highly efficient and quality products.

Aqua π Cosmetics philosophy is to combine the gifts of nature with modern science and technology. Our mission is to create products of the highest quality, safe to use and capable of achieving the desired results in the shortest time possible.

Aqua π Cosmetics, Beauty at Your fingertips!


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